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Though largely banned** from all three Boathouse Studios because of her insatiable need to knock things off of tables (including expensive photography equipment), Jetsam is still on our team in spirit and is always happy to see us when we return home from work.

Jetsam (AKA "Kitty") is our reminder that though we take our work very seriously, we don’t always need to take ourselves so seriously.

Jetsam specializes in sleeping, napping and has recently been experimenting with the Spanish tradition of "siesta" as well. And as if that wasn't enough, Kitty also finds time to eat, drink and torment her brother all night long. Really, how does she manage to do it all?

**Kitty's banishment from our studios is still under appeal, but her case for readmittance is not looking good.


Hoku is the baby of our family and the official greeter for The Boathouse Studios. He is an Australian Shepherd that is fond of fetching dirty tennis balls, frisbees and loves absolutely anything involving children, food or running.

Hoku is freakishly smart and well behaved, but he is also calm and very loving. Hoku has been on hundreds of commercial shoots (by request only), and has charmed his way into more than a few international advertising campaigns along the way.

Hoku's unique talents include sleeping in uncomfortable looking (and borderline embarassing) positions that defy both gravity and our current understanding of canine anatomy.

Additionally, Hoku has mastered the art of convincing humans that he has never been fed, never been petted before, never had a stick thrown for him. He is a true master of these dark arts and though he is never pushy, he has used his wit, charm and his adorable little face to score hundreds of additional treats, hours of head rubs and days of thrown sticks/balls. He is hard to resist!


Our crew travels in style aboard Tubby, our 25 year old Volkswagen Vanagon Bus. She's the perfect surf-mobile, climbing basecamp and photography road studio.

The Volkswagen bus is the quintessential road trip vehicle, and Tubby does not disappoint. She is decked out with all the toys: solar panels on her roof that allow us to live and work off the grid for weeks at a time, a kitchen with fridge/freezer, a queen sized bed, and all-wheel drive for those winter ski trips that we love.

And as we have discovered, Tubby is also an ambassador of fun and Aloha. Not a road trip goes by when we don’t have total strangers slowing down to give us a thumbs up or take a photo or walk over in a parking lot and tell us a story about their parent’s bus back in the day. If you’re going to travel as much as we do, you might as well have fun doing it!