THE BOATHOUSE PHOTOBOOTH: No Walls, No limits, More Fun!

What began as an attempt to create a "visual guest book" for one of our clients has blossomed into a now-legendary, one-of-a-kind high performance portable photo studio that is always in demand.

We took the basic idea of a traditional photobooth and just made it better. First, we drew on our background as commercial sports photographers to bring in world class studio lights, cameras and lenses that allow us to stop action no matter what is happening. Jump, dance, laugh, hug, whatever you do, our system will capture it in high definition. Next we got rid of all the walls of a traditional photobooth so you can have fun with your friends, and your friends can have fun just watching whatever creativity you come up with. Lastly, we created a way for guests to control the camera remotely, so they can take as many photos as they want.

The Boathouse Photobooth has actually become a part of an event's entertainment as an option for guests who maybe don't want to dance or mingle for 3+ hours. Because it's open air, and self controlled... the crowd sourced creativity is pretty amazing and fun!