How do you approach a wedding or family shoot?

Well we do have a photojournalism background, so it is important for us capture the story of the people we’re photographing, but we usually describe ourselves as “creative documentarians” when it comes to wedding photography. Meaning, we let your day happen naturally without any interference BUT we do everything we can in advance to set you up for success so that your photos just “happen” to look amazing. No objective journalism here: we are 100% on your team and though we are unobtrusive like a photojournalist, we deploy all our experience and our vast supply of photographic tools to make our clients look incredible and our images as creative as possible. We’re obsessed with art and design, so we always play with those elements and spend hours in advance preparing so we capture really creative images and portraits. Then, while we are actually shooting, people barely know we’re there and it all looks effortless.