How did you start photographing weddings and families?

We were already established photojournalists and art directors (link:WEDGE Creative) when we had our own wedding on Malia’s hometown beach in Hawaii. We hired a very talented photographer who actually turned out to be a little pushy and obtrusive. The photographer’s images were good, but their energy took away from our day.

It really was then that we thought that there had to be a better way to photograph a wedding; more like the way we would document a scene in Tibet or India: with respect, perspective and without becoming part of the moment. And now, we’re truly hooked! We love the beauty, the emotion and the hope that weddings represent.

As for photographing families: it’s that same ethic. No need to script the beauty of childhood, and as our wedding couples began to have families of their own, there was no one else that they would trust to capture the energy of being a kid. It all just took off from there.