“Among The Best in The World”

-The One and Only Palmilla

“Best Wedding Photography”

-VOGUE Magazine

“One of The Most Sought After Photographers In The World”

-Oheka Castle, NYC

"Your work is truly amazing. I have teared up while looking at your photos. I want to bless the people who come to this event with your gift.”

-Allison, Washington, DC

“The Shining Star of Wedding Photography”

-Cityside Events

“Photographer of The Year”

-Newagen Seaside Inn

“One word….. STUNNING!!!!!!!”

F. Duncan Reyes Events

"Amazing photographer. You capture the 2 intangibles: energy and light, all while making the process effortless! Such a gift!”

-Van Wyck & Van Wyck, NYC

“Let’s be honest. Our little family was 98% naughty during our photoshoot. Maybe 99% naughty. How you turned that behavior into these images? I will never know. Our kids look clean, happy, healthy and like they are having fun. Thank you for turning our photoshoot into an awesome adventure with mind blowing results.”

-Amy & Drew, Mill Valley

“I don’t know how you all did it all. You two are photo ninjas: no one knows you’re there, but you’re everywhere! Thank you for your patience and adaptability. We had a blast and the photos are beyond anything we ever thought possible!”

Victoria and Daniel, San Francisco

"You have not only provided a gift of photos but you provided me the gift of clarity. When I see your amazing images, I know exactly how Matt feels about me and how I feel about him. We are blessed to have received such a priceless gift. Thank you with all of my heart!"

Lisa & Matt, Maine

“When we became engaged, there was no one else we would even consider. After calling my parents, we immediately contacted you. You tell us what dates are still available and we will plan the day around you. Your work is that special!”

-Elizabeth & Jeff, NYC

“I cry every time I see these incredible images of my family. You captured their essence, you made the day so fun. Thank you.”

-Ericka & Alexei, Boston

"Your work is so different because you are so different. We're lucky to have found such an independent and clear visionary like you. You exceeded every expectation we ever had. Thank you!"

-Stacey & Drew, Newport, RI

“When I look at your images I tear up every time. You get it. You captured us. These will be cherished forever.”

-Caroline & Ben, Hawaii