National Geographic, VOGUE, Outside Magazine, Patagonia, The New York Times: Brian's 15 years of photojournalistic experiences are impressive. Hundreds of weddings photographed all around the world, for celebrity and not-so-celebrity clients. Big or small, in hometown backyards, island paradises, mountaintops or vineyards in Tuscany... the essence of his work remains the same: put people at ease, understand & capture the story as unobtrusively as possible, and above all, have fun!

After his formal education at Bowdoin College and Brown University, Brian's development began while working with National Geographic photographer Galen Rowell in The Himalayas of Tibet, Nepal and India. The photography techniques developed were simple: be consistently respectful, unobtrusive and friendly while being highly efficient to creatively capture every detail of the story quickly. Brian quietly charmed his way in and out of Chinese jails, through rioting civil servants in Kathmandu and was welcomed to photograph more prohibited elements of real daily life then most ever get access to.

Brian learned there that a quick smile, a respectful nod and an efficient, unobtrusive approach can create incredible photographic opportunities, while also putting people at ease. His work appears in a variety of publications including books by Random House, as well as numerous national and international magazines.

But how and why weddings? At Brian's own Hawaiian beachside wedding to his wife Malia (also a photo nerd: she's the Global Photo Art Director for Athleta), he was amazed by how obtrusive his hired wedding photographer was and thought that there had to be a better way.

A "better way" to Brian meant developing a collaborative approach with his clients, just as he would with any editorial piece. The result is that clients get to know Brian, and Brian gets to understand his client's story well before the wedding day. When clients are truly comfortable knowing that their wedding is in the hands of a professional who understands them and cares deeply about their story... the joy and emotion of the day come shining through. It's Brian's incredible creativity, quick sense of quiet humor and commitment to capturing the real essence of a wedding that make his photographs unique and cherished.

Brian and Malia own and operate The Boathouse Studios as small, sustainably built studios in San Francisco, on the coast of Maine and on the windward side of Oahu in Hawaii. Every year, Brian supports select local and destination weddings worldwide as well as unique engagement and family shoots. When not photographing, Brian is a avid cyclist and a passionate fundraiser for cancer charities. If a camera isn't in his hand, he loves nothing more than quiet days camping out of his Volkswagen Bus with his best friends: his wife Malia and his "kids" Hoku (pup) and Jetsam (kitty).

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